Why We Are the Best

The Brandify Summit is an exclusive event for brand marketers, technology partners, and agencies who are local marketing tastemakers, rule breakers, and innovators. Careful event programming, thought provoking break-outs and incredible personalization is our difference. We thrive to help you reach the potential of local by providing you the best no-nonsense summit. 

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We choose inspiration and innovation over gimmicks for a stronger community and environment to let your ideas and voice thrive. 

In an industry flooded with noise and shiny objects, we help you understand real action plans and tactics that will make you a better local marketer. More importantly, we empower you with the how-to knowledge for true business, role, campaign innovation and disruption.

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We build an experience around our unified love for Local marketing and the technology built around it.

We architect our summit experience detail by detail. We think about your wants and needs and build an orchestra designed to elevate your knowledge, build connections, discover new tools, and have exceptional fun.

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We help build exceptional marketers and technologists.

Brandify has had the honor to be part of a thriving industry for more than twenty years. We have served enterprises and multi-location brands through exciting transitions. Consequently helping build great marketers and local campaigns. We package our search for local breakthroughs and passion for knowledge into two days of unapologetic conversation and teaching.